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How to Identify and Befriend Your Ideal Audience

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You’ve been creating content for your online business, and it seems to be going nowhere.

Despite your best efforts, your organic traffic is still low and email list stagnant.

What is the problem?

You have a story to tell and a quality product or service to showcase.

You just need to build trust, community, and an audience around your product or service.

Content is your solution. 

Content builds brand authority online with search engines and social media platforms. By providing content relevant to an ideal audience, you build a customer-centric content culture that is attracting, retaining and converting that specific ideal audience. An engaged and happy audience translates to higher conversions and more sales.

Hello. I’m your teacher, Megan Thudium.

Megan Thudium is the founder of MTC | The Content Agency and is the lead content strategist and copywriter for the agency. She’s passionate about customer-focused content creation and helping individuals make an impact online. She is a seasoned marketing professional with experience in content marketing strategy and working with a variety of businesses from mid-size, start-up to solopreneurs across the technology, engineering, service, and education industries.

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