Many of us might feel like we’re moving through molasses these last couple of days. As a small business owner, you might still be wrapping your head around the reality of how the COVID-19 health epidemic will impact your business’s financial bottom line. And it might very well. 

Business might get slower. In-person customer meetings will go virtual, and it might be harder to close solar deals. People will simply have other thoughts in their head than their solar panel installations. So, how do you keep the sales conversation strong? How do you remain present in the minds of your warm leads? How do you keep people thinking about going solar? Here’s the answer: leverage the power of content marketing.

Grow your current content’s impact

Content marketing is a strategy to build awareness, generate new solar leads, and keep current prospects engaged. It’s a long-term strategy, but it has long-lasting effects. If you’ve already been leveraging content marketing, you will start to see a spike in your digital content traffic over the coming weeks as more people transition online. 

My predictions are that you’ll see;

  • an increase in organic traffic to blog posts, and
  • more engagement on social media and interaction with your posts.

As people sit at home, they will want even more access to information and entertainment. How can you give that to them? For example, you could develop;

  • a video series on the effects of climate change and why solar is important,
  • a webinar on the financial benefits of transitioning to solar, or
  • a weekly FAQ Facebook live session covering commonly asked solar questions.

As a solar company, you have the opportunity to leverage the current situation and remain present. Don’t let the educational conversations stop; instead, transition those conversations online and amplify. With more people at home, it only makes sense that internet engagement will go up over the next few weeks. 

Right now has never been a better time for content

Content is the backbone of your business. As you’re seeing in this current health emergency, older traditional ways of marketing and sales like door-to-door visits and home trade shows are becoming obsolete. And you can frankly see the financial impact of those event cancellations.

If your strategy is solely reliant on these types of lead acquisition methods, how can you stay competitive?

Content can help diversify your lead generation strategy. More and more people are asking Google their solar questions and your website needs to jump to the top of those search inquiries (and not to your competitors) with the answers. This is done with relevant and question-answer-based content. It’s never been a better time to incorporate content into your lead generation strategy.

How to get started with content

Everything in marketing starts with goals—and goals are the framework for shaping a strategy that leads to outcomes. At MTC, we provide you with a strategic framework that incorporates industry best standards and innovative ideas. We offer a content lead generation package that provides you with all the important pieces of content consulting, planning, and content creation for solar companies. It’s solar specific, so the strategy is adopted to your industry and your needs. Start now and leverage content to diversify your lead generation strategy.