B2B content marketing services for environmental technology brands

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We navigate the complexity of the B2B industry with proven content frameworks.

B2B buyers on average read four to six pieces of content before they make a buying decision.

In a complex and multifaceted industry, B2B companies navigate multiple decision-makers, long-buying cycles, and complex selling.

We help B2B companies in environmental technology and companies in niche industries engage with their ideal customer through unique content marketing frameworks using a human-centered marketing approach.

We use our progressive approach for all content creation — and while also focused on revenue and brand growth.

Our B2B content marketing services

We’re B2B content specialists for clean-tech brands and brands in B2B niche industries.


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  • Content audit

  • Marketing funnel audit

  • Audience journey mapping

  • SEO keyword research

  • Content planning

  • LinkedIn marketing

  • Brand strategy

  • Link building strategies

Our promise

MTC | The Content Agency was started to support brands doing good for people and the planet. We run an agency that reflects our values, which is our promise to our clients.

  1. Honesty — We say what we’re going to do, and we follow through until the end.
  2. Communication – We answer questions, give feedback, and never make the client feel negative for learning. Our policy is a 3-business day response time.
  3. Accountability – We remain organized to produce the best results through you. We constantly improve our agency’s systems.
  4. Service — High-quality service at every step of the way. We wouldn’t be here without our clients and standby them like family.

Our track record speaks for itself

We’re experts in creating highly-effective B2B content frameworks and writing industry-specific content, meaning you can trust us to support your growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients come to us with questions about how our agency works. Below are the top asked questions that we’ve compiled to help you.


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