Has the Digital Content Planner (DigiCo) arrived to your digital doorstep? The planner is a step-by-step strategy workbook, informative guide and tool – coupled with monthly and weekly calendar spreads. If you are a startup, solopreneur or digital content creator, the DigiCo is your complete guide to conquering, organizing and being found online effectively.

This blog post is a step-by-step guide to printing the DigiCo on Dox Zoo. Dox Zoo is an online printing platform that ships the DigiCo planner globally. I personally printed a content planner for myself from Dox Zoo, and I was impressed with the quality.

How to Print the DigiCo

Visit the DOX ZOO main website page. On the homepage, you’ll mouse click “Upload Your File.” On the “choose a file” upload screen, select the button “Upload from my computer.” The DigiCo arrived to you in two formats: A4 and US Letter. Depending on your location, you will want to upload the relevant file. Upload the file that says:

Content Planner_USA Letter_Print.pdf


Content Planner_A4_Print.pdf

These two files have been saved and formatted specifically to be printed on Dox Zoo. After arriving to this page, you will select continue. You have many options to print the Digital Content Printer. I printed the planner as “Wire Binding”, which was perfect for everyday use. After selecting “Wire Binding”, you now begin to format the planner. I walk you step-by-step in the below video on who to select the correct settings for printing. I will also explain the process in detail.

Step-by-Step Print Guidelines

Document Settings: The document should be formatted to 80 PAGES, PORTRAIT, DOUBLE SIDED and COLOUR. You do have the option to print the planner in black & white and not colour. The total price will significantly drop.

Page Range: Many of these settings are already set, but paper colour is WHITE, paper finish is MATTE and paper weight is 120 GSM. I suggest to use the paper at a thicker weight, because the lowest is very light.

Binding: To bind the planner, the binding position is on LEFT-LONG-EDGE and the wire colour is SILVER.

Cover: The cover has a clear “Clear acetate” on the front and back to protect it. Select “configure cover”:

    1. Outer Front Cover — CLEAR ACETATE
    2. Front Cover — NONE
    3. Back Cover — NONE
    4. Outer Back Cover — CLEAR ACETATE
    5. Cover preview — CONFIRM

Number of Copies: Select ONE and “Go to Basket”.

At this point, you’ve finished the process to print the DigiCo. If you have problems regarding the printing of the DigiCo, I’m reachable by email for questions. Please note that I can’t be held reliable on printing quality standards and the final print product of the DigiCo by Dox Zoo. I have only printed from them myself, and I recommend the printing quality. I can’t be held reliable for the print job by Doc Zoo, and the printing isn’t included in the final price of $25 USD.