For a year, we’ve been working with forward-thinking brands from around the world to realize their business goals—and establish content marketing as a method to attract high-quality prospects, build relationships with customers, and retain existing customers.

As the founder of MTC, I’m incredibly fortunate to have worked with a water technology company in the USA, a solar energy company in Australia, and many more B2B technologies companies in Germany.

Every project was different.

Different challenges, obstacles, and methods to achieve the next big thing.

I’ve created over 8 human-centered content marketing strategies for brands and seen them attract their ideal audience in an engaging and intuitive way. We’ve written as a team over 80,000 words for our clients.

As we move into a second year, I look to position MTC as a content marketing agency on the very frontier of industry best practices and methods that work. To serve our clients even better, I’ll start to niche us into key areas and establish our brand as an expert.

I’ll learn to talk the talk, hear the melodies of the sector, and form a strategy around your unique industry needs. To better serve our B2B clients, I need to talk to you and understand your industry so that I can give you a specific go-to solution that performs.

I’ll continue to serve all B2B clients in need—but as MTC moves forward, I’ll build our portfolio and service offerings specifically for environmental technology brands.

I’ll develop content marketing solutions that aid the renewable energy technology sector in solar and wind. And deep dive even further into B2B smart tech solutions that allow these industries to accelerate and thrive.

As the founder, I’ll take a consultant first approach. Yes, we’re a content marketing agency and able to serve you in multiple facets. But at the center of this agency is a content marketing expert. And it’s my job to provide you with the very best professional insight, industry best practices, and advice in content marketing.

I’ll soon launch a content marketing strategy package specific to the tech industry. It’ll form a strong foundation and structure for your performance, and you’ll have access to expert content writers from your industry to realize the content within the strategy. I understand that this is fundamentally important for B2B technology companies.

I have many exciting plans for MTC in the coming year. Thank you for following along—and I hope to partner with you on a project soon.