The world is crazy right now. In between school closures, trade show cancellations, and quarantines, the current situation can make any small business feel anxious. Worried about the future. Worried about financial impacts. 

As a solar company, it most likely means that COVID-19 has canceled upcoming trade shows and your in-person consultations have been postponed, and you may have even temporarily sent your staff home because of health concerns.

There is no doubt that this is a tough time for all of us. But I encourage you that now is NOT THE TIME to stop marketing. Use educational content to keep ties and form empathy with your customers.

This is a huge opportunity for you to jump ahead of the competition. While other solar companies are hesitating, use this opportunity to get ahead of them. Make yourself known as a compassionate and educative solar company, improve your brand image, and remain present with customers.

Let’s get real. If you’re able to leverage content marketing in this way, at the end of this, you’ll have a much better opportunity to bounce back.

How can you crisis-proof your solar business?

It’s time to think through the uncertainty and brainstorm ideas on how to show up for your customers and use content to remain present.

Reformat solar financial plans

Customers want options at this time. They’re uncertain about the future, and they’re reluctant to invest in a high-cost asset like a solar panel system. Ease their worry by offering flexible payment plans. Instead offer the option to subscribe to a solar panel system, or pay inflexible, smaller payments over a longer period. You might find that customers don’t even take the deal—but the fact that you offered builds trust.

Keep showing up

As mentioned, it’s time to show up for your customers both online, in writing, and on social media. Don’t let them forget about you. Open the conversation for questions and keep providing solar education through social posts. At this time, I would suggest making content 95% educational-driven and the rest promotion. 

Move solar consultations to video conferencing

There are a plethora of video conferencing software on the market. You can choose from Zoom, Apple video, or try Facebook conferencing. As you’re likely already on Facebook, have them connect with you there and to finalize their solar consultations on video.

Be transparent about the situation and empathize with your customers

The most difficult task during COVID-19 is messaging. How can you convey your business’s message both ethically but still also make sales. It’s going to be hard to sell anything at this moment. Your messaging should be empathetic towards the conversation but also solution-driven. Tell customers your action plan on solar consultations and visits. Reassure them that it’s business as usual. Offer a solar subscription plan, or refinancing option. And above all else, don’t stop marketing and communicating with your customers. 

Yes, your business will slow, but if you do this, your business will come out on top. MTC | The Content Agency partners with forward-thinking brands that contribute to a brighter, cleaner future for all. We’re offering free 20-minute expert guidance for brands during this time. Please reach out with the contact form—and our team will set a date.