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LinkedIn Strategy for Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs2021-10-02T13:57:18+02:00

Ready to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level?

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B social media platform, but it takes someone to know what works to get ahead. Cold outbound tactics just don’t work on LinkedIn. Authority and authenticity building through high-value content, community engagements, and simply showing up is what works. Your clients want to trust, know, and like you before they begin working with you.

Could you do it yourself? Yes. But not without road bumps, challenges, and stress. Work with a LinkedIn consultant that knows the algorithm, is specialized in LinkedIn content strategy and understands what works on LinkedIn. Get ahead and start building authority. Landing clients. How can you boost your brand and find more clients on LinkedIn?

Work directly with agency founder & LinkedIn expert, Megan Thudium, to grow your business using LinkedIn. Here are two ways that we can work together by leveraging LinkedIn.

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Done-For-You LinkedIn Marketing

Looking for someone to take over your LinkedIn growth?

The program is for ambitious service-based solopreneurs or small business owners to help grow your personal brand on LinkedIn. Leverage the social media platform to showcase the human side of your brand, show your industry knowledge, and build relationships with your clients.

As your consultant, Megan work with you to create a consistent stream of authority content for audience building and to help you establish inbound sales processes to build relationships that translates to growth.

Contact our team to request a quote and get our brochure.


Growth Results For Our Clients

We’ve been working with MTC for several months to improve our thought-leadership content and lead generation on LinkedIn. Within 30-days we saw a significant increase (875 plus) in profile exposure and connections within our industry. Thank you MTC for showing us new ways to reach out to others!!!! – Thom Tackman, Kasco Marine

I found (the LinkedIn Booster session) helpful! – Jen

Average Monthly Connections
Increased Profile Exposure
Average Views On Content

LinkedIn Booster Hour

Don’t know where to begin? LinkedIn Booster is a 60-minute and one-on-one personal consulting session. We’ll cover your top three LinkedIn questions and review your personal profile for optimization opportunities. Walk away from the session with expert insight on how to grow your LinkedIn network and a checklist to optimize your profile.


A Unique Approach

Our LinkedIn marketing strategy approach is unique. We avoid salesy, slimy, or sleazy messaging in our inbound sales campaigns. The content we create for your account is rooted in thought-leadership and depicts you as an authoritative figure in your industry. Our relationship messaging is approachable, conversational, and warm meaning we’re in the business of helping you build authentic and lasting B2B business relationships.


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