We learn along the way.

When I started in B2B content marketing, it was just beginning to take off as a niche field. 

Many objectives and strategies were still left misunderstood. Questions unanswered. And confused marketers pondering their next approach.

The B2B Content Corner Podcast is the marketing colleague that I wish I would’ve had in the early years. 

A marketing colleague to brainstorm new content ideas with, share interesting learnings, case studies, and chat over the latest B2B trends.

And those great conversations were always over a good cup of coffee. A cup at the office coffee maker. A cup at the trendy cafe down the street. 

I believe good marketing conversations happen during coffee hour.

And that is why I started the B2B Content Corner podcast.

To bring marketing colleagues together. Share new learnings. And to share what I’ve learned along the marketing journey.

What to expect on the B2B Content Corner Podcast

The B2B Content Corner Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast on topics like B2B content strategy, best practices, proven content frameworks, and developing case studies. It hosted by me, Megan Thudium, a B2B content strategist and the founder of MTC | The Content Agency.

On this show, you will find a mix of solo episodes, interviews with B2B marketers, and playback audio snippets from the experts on topics like B2B content strategy, best practices, proven content frameworks, and developing case studies. 

Ultimately, this podcast is to help B2B marketing managers and entrepreneurs learn the needed actionable strategies & tips to make their content thrive. 

In 20-minute episodes, connect during your coffee hour over our corner chats on topics like content marketing, B2B marketing, content creation, content distribution, buyer persona, content strategy, LinkedIn, social media, and more.

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