Human-centered marketing is a hot topic within our agency. We cover the topic thoroughly in blog posts, LinkedIn Content, and we’ve even dabbled on this topic in the B2B Content Corner podcast. We’ve said this before, human-centered marketing is relevant now. Now in 2020. And it will continue to be relevant to stay ahead of the B2B industry curve in 2021.

To be human-centered, your marketing frameworks and strategy is built upon empathy and understanding of your audience. We dig into all these key insights – human-centered marketing, buyer personas, empathy marketing, and more – during this podcast episode. It’s a great topic to dive into with podcast guest, Janet Mesh.

Meet Janet Mesh

Janet is the CEO + Co-founder of a digital marketing agency, Aimtal, based in Boston, United States. She’s an expert in building digital marketing campaigns that drive leads for B2B technology companies. She works directly with clients to provide impactful digital and content marketing services.

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