We start somewhere. When I approached my first client to develop a content marketing strategy, I was in all sorts of excitement and anticipation. Until that point, I had mentally developed the concept of what makes a good content marketing strategy via theory.

I read paragraphs and paragraphs of content marketing journals, and I went through HubSpot’s content marketing course to get a head start.

I followed marketing geniuses like Neil Patel who seemed to ‘get it’, and I would follow his concepts soaking it all in like a sponge in a bowl of water.

The information was valuable. I learned the concept of a strategic framework that would help online businesses build their organic website traffic and more leads.

It was like putting together a puzzle by arranging the pieces, re-arranging them again then finally seeing it click together. Click, click, click….

It’s how content strategy felt to me in the beginning. I was building my beginning approach; letting it grow and expedite.

Did I get it right? No, I didn’t get it 100% right the first time. I developed a content marketing strategy for my first client.

It did well by bringing in large amounts of organic traffic, but…

It was unorganized.

It was ‘guesswork’ on the customer’s pain points and target topics.

SEO was on the backburner.

I had made the largest mistake with my first client that I now preach and emphasize with my current clients to never do.

I didn’t form a solid content marketing strategy and put it down on paper.

….on paper! Yes, I didn’t even write it down.

Actually, I went 6 to 8 months testing multiple theories, until I finally read an article that convinced me to actually write the content marketing strategy and plan into a word document.

How can we meet rocket performance and attract high-class online leads, IF we don’t have a strategy?

I learned from this experience. I fumbled my client’s first content marketing strategy by not doing the simplest of steps, and I made these mistakes.

  • I produced content without fully understanding the customer journey and target persona.
  • The first step in content creation was not to develop a marketing nurturing process to capture emails.
  • The content was just everywhere. It was unorganized, and we wrote articles based on a ‘hunch’ and not researched facts.

There is a silver lining to this story. It’s the realization that we’re human and we learn. Mistakes are the greatest learning opportunity, and I’ve made a few when it comes to content marketing.

Mistakes make us smarter, and I now know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to generating a high-performing content marketing strategy.

Did you know? Most organic traffic that enters a website is generated through a company blog. If that remains true, then a company blog should be one of the most important aspects of driving online growth. Create your company’s content marketing strategy with our team, and we’ll get it right the first time.