Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients come to us with questions about how our agency works. Below are the top asked questions that we’ve compiled to help you.

You have the choice of several B2B content agencies to work with. How does MTC stand out from the rest?

  • We’re industry-experts with specific expertise in the environmental and software technology industries. We understand your target market!
  • We have a proven track record in writing outstanding content and building strategies that meet client goals.
  • We’re trustworthy and nice people to work with as a team of five.
  • You work directly with the agency founder, Megan Thudium, on all our projects together.
  • We bring the best expertise to your project. As a small agency, we’re flexible. If your industry is niche and needs specific expertise, we’ll source that content writer for you.

Yes, we provide discounts for young companies. Please send us an email ( for those discount packages.

Organic content marketing takes time to implement and start to see growth. The industry average is around 6-8 months, and we require our clients to commit to working with us for at least 6-months to build their content program.

Yes, we work with our clients to develop content ideas during an investigation meeting. Content topic development is part of the B2B Monthly Blog Content Retainer package, but it doesn’t include a document B2B Content Strategy.

These tasks are not included in the B2B Blog Content Retainer and the B2B Sales Copywriting Retainer. Implementation must be done by the client. The exception would be with the Inbound Marketing End-to-End Retainer. We do everything for you as part of the inbound retainer.

Yes, all content is SEO optimized. The client is required to provide SEO keywords for content in the B2B Blog Content Retainer and the B2B Sales Copywriting Retainer. If you’re an End-to-End Retainer client, we’ll do the SEO keyword research for you and take over this process.

We will recommend a stock photo with every blog article. Alternately, you can provide custom-designed blog images, infographics, or visual snippets for all types of content at an additional fee.

We can provide any of these types of content in our B2B Blog Content Retainer.

Our B2B content packages are prices by the number of written words required on a standard B2B writing project. Typically, our clients are looking for multiple blog posts a month. We recommend to stay consistent with your content creation and to start your article word count between 1,200 – 1,500 words per article. This is all reflected in our standard content packages.

The monthly content retainer is based on B2B best practices for content marketing. Articles should average around 1,500 words per article to rank organically, and companies should try to post at least once weekly.

Yes. Please send us an email at to negotiate a new price.

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