The Digital Content Planner is the all-in-one content planner and workbook to organize and grow your online business.

  • One-Stop-Planner: Content strategy, planning and scheduling all in one place. Say ‘good-bye’ to multiple notebooks.
  • Flexible Dates: Start when you want, on the date you wish with flexible and fill-in-the-blank calendar dates.
  • Weekly + Monthly Spreads: Start with the overview, then focus towards daily content planning details.
  • Calendars: Weekly + Monthly content/client goals, projections and growth.
  • Client Notes: Working with clients? Record important notes and tasks on an individual basis.

Are you reaching the organic traffic numbers you wish?

Plan your content structure with keyword research and a clear blog structure – that makes your content be found quick and frequently

Are you unclear with your content goals?

List your content goals [monthly + weekly] for blog and social media content

Are you unsure of what is coming next?

Never miss a client meeting, social media post, blog publish date and product launch with clean weekly + monthly calendars

Are you overwhelmed with online digital content creation?

Find clarity in what content to post, when & how

Do you know who you’re talking to?

Define your target audience + audience journal with structured templates

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the official digital launch?

The Digital Content Planner will be available for purchase on 1 August 2019.

How will I receive the Digital Content Planner?

The Digital Content Planner will be emailed to you personally by me, Megan Thudium, with a warm introduction to the product and how to use it. Once the online payment is processed, please expect a digital version within your inbox within 24 hours.

What format is the Digital Content Planner in?

Currently, the planner is a PDF with two versions A4 and US Letter. The PDF is viewable on any electronic device like a computer, reader, or smart phone.

I purchased a digital content planner, but didn't receive a download PDF. What should I do?

First, please look in your SPAM folder, because sometimes great content gets stuck in there. If it still hasn’t arrived, please email

I'm not completely happy with my purchase. What should I do?

Please email immediately so we can resolve your issue. I want to make sure you’re 110% happy with your planner purchase – no matter what the circumstance!

Will the Digital Content Planner be available in print?

The plans to make the Digital Content Planner an actual physical planner is in the works – and please expect an announcement in early Fall 2019.