The LinkedIn Lens #3: Let’s Get Personal

Welcome to the LinkedIn Lens! In this monthly article, I explore important LinkedIn topics and insights to help enable your company team to thrive on the platform. (Hey, I publish this on LinkedIn, too!)

From algorithm updates to content tips, here is an ongoing ‘open-mic’ stage for me to share with you everything that I know about LinkedIn.

Stay a while.

I’m a bit late in writing this LinkedIn newsletter, but I swear that I have a good excuse. (I was actually on my honeymoon.) Here are a few snaps .

But I’m here now — and excited more than ever to introduce you to the latest on LinkedIn. Every time I sit down to write this newsletter, much has happened in the LinkedIn realm.

For this edition, I want to talk about personal LinkedIn posts. Mainly, because Crying CEO hit record engagement numbers on LinkedIn this month, and we all had something to say about it.

Now, let’s dig into this topic …

Personal content on LinkedIn

Everyone and everyone’s friend has an opinion about this topic. In my opinion, I think it boils down to this - LinkedIn is a human-to-human network .

It’s created for business and career-driven individuals, but in the end, it’s a human being sitting at the computer. And this person wants to network, learn, make authentic connections, and discover facts that will make their life easier.

Educating and showing your expertise through content - isn’t the only way to build trust and authenticity. You have to show yourself and your personality, too.

But you can choose how to position your personality and what to share. My tip for LinkedIn users: Connect a personal interest or event to a business topic. And don’t share content without a goal or purpose.

I go deeper into this topic in this video .

And here are a few examples of CEO content - that I think have done a great job connecting the personal to business.

  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3

How do you share personal content on LinkedIn?

Recent LinkedIn platform updates

Here’s a round-up of the recent changes to the LinkedIn algorithm.

As the month continues, we will dig a bit deeper into a few of these features and how we can use them in your content strategy.

LinkedIn content series

In August, I continued to publish several videos on TikTok (yes, I’m there, too!) - about LinkedIn content tips. These were short and digestible tips on how to improve your content and make it thrive on the platform. Here’s a round-up of those recent videos:

If you’re a TikToker, make sure to ‘follow’ my account !

In upcoming editions, we will reflect more on content creation and offer actionable tips on how to make the best of it.

Until then … keep up the good work!

Your friend, Megan


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Megan is the CEO of MTC | The Content Agency. As CEO, she’s in charge of making sure the team fulfills client project expectations and everything runs smoothly. As Lead Strategist, her strategy background is provided on all projects – LinkedIn Marketing, SEO, Content Strategy, and Content Writing. Based in Berlin, Megan enjoys long bike rides around the city.