5 LinkedIn Thought-Leaders Worth Following

Five LinkedIn thought-leaders worth you following and digesting their content

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We digest a lot of content daily. Last time I checked, my iPhone said that I average between two and three hours a day on social media platforms. That’s crazy. But it's a common reality for many people.

When we digest content online, we want to digest good content. These afive LinkedIn thought-leaders that I think are worth you following and digesting their content.re five LinkedIn thought-leaders that I think are worth you following and digesting their content.

What makes a good LinkedIn thought-leader

These thought-leadership desreve extra attention. Why? A few of them I’ve been following for years and others only for a short time. But they all have something in common.

They share original content that is engaging, sometimes funny, educational—and that is truly cutting-edge in their industry. It’s not regurgitated content that everyone is talking about. And it's not the same ideas.

These thought-leaders give new insights to those traditional ideas, and they also experiment. All the time. They’re innovating and launching new content topics, types, and angles.

5 LinkedIn thought-leaders

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  1. Mandy McEwen just happens to be my business coach. But before that, I followed her for a year on LinkedIn, digesting her content. That alone tells you the power of relationship building and how building your brand on LinkedIn can drive leads. I booked with her. It took a while, but I made the investment. As a marketing expert, she shares marketing tips—but she also shares insight into growing an agency and being an entrepreneur. It’s relatable content.
  2. Jackie Hermes popped into my network in similar ways as Mandy. Her content appeared in my LinkedIn feed one day because it was shared by hundreds of people and engaged with by thousands. Ever since, I've followed this smart and inspiring founder of a SaaS marketing agency. I also feel like I 'know' her. She openly shares bits and pieces of her entrepreneurial story that I resonate with.
  3. Brigette Hyacinth has been in my network for years. She’s a bit different in this list, because she’s not a B2B marketer or an agency founder. She’s an HR expert, writer, and keynote speaker. I started following her because I was looking for a career opportunity in a company at the time. Her expertise and advice were very helpful to my job search. And on top of that point, she also shares personal insight and opinions. I believe this is again very important to building authenticity and authority online.
  4. Dave Gerhardt is a B2B marketing expert. I love his content because it's easy and digestible. It’s not super long text and sometimes it's just a few short sentences. But it’s consistent, almost every single day. Consistency is an important part to content growth. I also like his content, because it’s original. It’s a collection of thoughts and insight from his time at Privy.com with cast studies, content failures, and funny stories. It’s not super structured but it truly displays authority and authenticity. The key pillars of content marketing.
  5. Megan Thudium aka a shameless plug for myself. Since following these thought-leaders on LinkedIn, I’ve seen just how powerful building an audience is for lead generation and brand awareness. LinkedIn has always been on my radar, but it was never a main time investment. On my feed, I share weekly B2B content marketing tips and stories of being in the technology industry. I hope that you will find the content relevant to you.

Who do you enjoy following on LinkedIn? Message me their name! We can all continue learning from these industry experts.


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