The LinkedIn Lens #5: Content Topics You Can Post In November

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Welcome to the LinkedIn Lens! In this monthly article, I explore important LinkedIn topics and insights to help enable your company team to thrive on the platform. 

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From algorithm updates to content tips, here is an ongoing ‘open-mic’ stage for me to share with you everything that I know about LinkedIn.

Stay a while!

I think by now the business world has come to terms with LinkedIn. They realize that it's a platform of opportunity.

But fear of failing and lack of confidence and time still prevents many from doing much more than ‘liking’ content in their feed.

‘Liking’ content will only get you so far.

You need a holistic approach to LinkedIn strategy to see decent results from your efforts. And all too many, start with the right approach, but then stop within three months. You need TIME and patience to see the results. As many will tell you in the community, it’s worth the time and dedication.

But I’m going to make it easier for you this month. Below are three topics that you can write about in November that will help you get engagement and conversations started.

Now, let’s dig into this topic …

3 Content Topics

If you only published these three LinkedIn posts in November, that would be a great start. Sit down with your coffee, or when you feel the most energized, and write the copy.

  1. Analysis of a recent news article you read — as an industry leader, you’re reading every day to stay current with topic trends. Make the most of that time spent by choosing an article of interest and writing your thoughts. Start with this question: Why do I disagree (or agree) with the article’s message?
  2. Why do you love your profession — everyone stays in their profession for some reason. What is that reason? I’m not talking about companies, here, you can write about why you love your company. But I’m talking about the ‘profession’ - scientist, analyst, sustainability consultant, marketer - why do you love what you do?
  3. Company or personal values — Both companies and individuals have values that they live by. These values define who we are and also attract like-minded people to us. We build a community with these people. Pick one of your values, explain it, and why it’s important to you.

These three topics cover my 3-part framework for LinkedIn content creation: Educational, Personality, and Authority. I’d love to see your posts!

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Recent LinkedIn updates

Here’s a round-up of the recent updates for LinkedIn. Twitter has taken October by storm, but the announcements below are still relevant.

  • More security — It’s not a content update, but it’s important. With the influx of spam and fraud on the app, LinkedIn is increasing security measures . If you’ve been doing spammy sales-related activities, time to make a hard stop.
  • Post templates — They launched in September, but I’m not convinced it’s useful. Simply because it doesn’t allow you to upload your own branded templates.
  • Clickable links — A HUGE breakthrough for LinkedIn. Now, we can add a link to an image - and we can eliminate that annoying ‘link in the comments’ spiel. I talk more about this feature in a recent post .
  • Pinned comments — A great feature that will allow brands and individuals to “pin” top comments in their comment section. It still hasn’t been rolled out to everyone, including me. (Still hasn’t been rolled out to me, @LInkedIn?)
  • Page featured commitments — This one is an outstanding feature for company pages. You can now highlight your brand’s top commitments like Diversity, Learning, and Sustainability in a specific section. If you’ve created an ESG commitment, you can highlight these commitments on your LinkedIn page.
  • Respond as your Page – This feature has been out for several months, but it’s a great one nonetheless. Use this feature to comment on interesting post threads as your brand.

In the coming months, I will continue to publish any new features for both personal and company pages on my profile.  Make sure to follow   #MeganThudium to get all those updates!

LinkedIn content series

In October, I continued to publish several videos on TikTok (yes, I’m there, too!) - about LinkedIn content tips. These were short and digestible tips on how to improve your content and make it thrive on the platform.

Here’s a round-up of those recent videos:

If you’re a TikToker,   make sure to ‘follow’ my account !

In upcoming editions, I will reflect more on content creation and offer actionable tips on how to make the best of it.

Until then … keep up the good work!

Your friend, Megan


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Megan is the CEO of MTC | The Content Agency. As CEO, she’s in charge of making sure the team fulfills client project expectations and everything runs smoothly. As Lead Strategist, her strategy background is provided on all projects – LinkedIn Marketing, SEO, Content Strategy, and Content Writing. Based in Berlin, Megan enjoys long bike rides around the city.