The LinkedIn Lens #1: Busting the LinkedIn Algorithm

Welcome to the LinkedIn Lens! In this monthly article, I explore important LinkedIn topics and insights to help enable your company team to thrive on the platform. ( Hey, I'm publishing this on LinkedIn, too! )

From algorithm updates to content tips, here is an ongoing ‘open-mic’ stage for me to share with you everything that I know about LinkedIn. Ready to go?

Stay a while!

During the month of June, I’ve been exploring the ins and outs of the LinkedIn algorithm.

It’s important to review and stay updated with the algorithm as it develops. Where I wouldn’t argue that the algorithm trumps your content strategy, however, knowing and using the algorithm to your advantage can enable your content to gain higher visibility.

You can use trending post types, for example, to make sure your main content messages reach the masses. Knowing these tips and tricks to extend your reach - will help your brand presence, overall

Knowing what works and what doesn’t, it can give your content a competitive edge.

But it’s time-consuming to stay updated on these trends and updates, which is why I’m happy to support my LinkedIn community on this!

In the next few newsletters, we will be exploring the LinkedIn algorithm - and what is currently working and not working on the platform.

Recent LinkedIn platform updates

Here’s a round-up of the recent changes to the LinkedIn algorithm.

Busting the LinkedIn algorithm series

Social media algorithms sometimes feel like a mythical god - that you have no control over.

I don’t find this to be true at all. Social media is simply the tool, and your ‘voice’ is the message. Your ‘voice’ and what you have to say - are what matter the most. The content and the message.

Your audience wants to hear your ‘voice’. As an expert in your industry, you have a ‘voice’ and you have something valuable to share. Sharing your knowledge with others - will enable us all to grow and succeed.

So, there’s nothing mythical about the LinkedIn algorithm! It’s simply a tool - and a tool can be studied and understood. Once you do this, you can use it to better elevate your ‘voice’.

In June, I published several videos on TikTok (yes, I’m there, too!) - about the LinkedIn algorithm. These were short and digestible tips on how to bust the LinkedIn algorithm and make your content thrive on the platform.

Here’s a round-up of those recent videos.

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My biggest reflection to leave with you today - don’t stress about the algorithm. Focus your attention and energy on creating content that resonates with your audience.

Sharing your experience freely - and building a community by engaging with others’ content frequently.

These are the fundamental pillars that build your brand presence and success on LinkedIn. Knowing and understanding the algorithm is important, but it’s NOT the core .

The core is YOU.

Your thoughts, your insights, and your expertise - and what you choose to share with the world. The algorithm is simply the tool to help you get your ‘voice’ heard!

In upcoming editions, we will reflect more on the algorithm and offer actionable tips on how to make the best of it.

Until then … keep going and keep up the good work.


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