How To Create A LinkedIn Post That Will Captivate Your Audience

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LinkedIn is a social media powerhouse for the B2B industry. Your audience is spending up to two hours a day engaging with content on the platform, according to Statistica . And the number of LinkedIn members keeps growing with over 690 million profiles currently on the platform. 

Now is the time to get on LinkedIn—but you can’t create just any type of content for your audience. Your content has to be captivating, original, and engagement-worthy. So, how do you create LinkedIn content that captivates your audience?

Don’t forget LinkedIn is social media

I often hear that LinkedIn is a B2B platform, so the content can’t be funny/filled with humor/silly (insert adjective here [ ]).

I don’t agree with this statement. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform—and people are engaging on the platform to (1) build a community, (2) make connections, or (3) get known and sell a service. It’s also a platform to build your thought-leadership (or personal brand). It can be used to highlight your authority on a subject, stand out in your industry, and make industry connections.

LinkedIn is social. And because it’s a social platform—people want to talk with people. Human-centered content. Keep this in mind as you create LinkedIn content that will perform well. So, what are a few examples of content that will captivate your audience on LinkedIn?

How to create a LinkedIn post that will captivate your audience

4 ways to captivate your audience on LinkedIn

It’s time to enlighten, entertain, and connect with people. Here are four ways to captivate your audience and get more attention on LinkedIn.

  1. Share a story. Storytelling is a powerful content format. Humans have been telling stories for centuries—and it’s a strong method to present a topic, lesson, or new idea engagingly and easily. Storytelling content on LinkedIn continues to bring high engagement and clicks. Also, sharing a story shows your personality. People need to trust you to buy from you—and LinkedIn provides an outlet for your audience to connect to you on a deeper level; to see your value and interests. This builds trust with your audience.
  2. Show your personality. We all have something worth saying. And we all don’t say it in the same way. Don’t be afraid to show your personality on LinkedIn. If you’re funny, share a joke. Make sure your copywriting pairs to your voice. If you’re able to achieve this, your audience will resonate with YOU.
  3. Hook them. Let’s talk about captivating copywriting in your LinkedIn posts. Because you have less than three seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they scroll down the page. It’s all about the hook and the initial message. That first sentence in your LinkedIn post is very important because they need to show the interest/value/takeaway/benefit in a catchy, quick sentence.
  4. Simplify your message. Write your content for humans. Speak like your audience and create content that is digestible and easy to read. Think simplified. Don’t over complicate your message in the content—and if above all else, only write about one specific topic. Become very niched in your LinkedIn content, so that there is no doubt about what your authority content is covering.

It’s time to captivate your audience with crafty LinkedIn posts. Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a social media platform despite primarily being for business to business. That means: People want content they can relate to—storytelling, personality, and helpful takeaways—to highlight their feed. Take an extra effort when you’re writing content to make sure that it’s captivating.


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