Vocalizing Your Climate Message On LinkedIn (With Lubomila Jordanova) - Episode 020

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Sustainability leaders have an incredible voice.

Often, their ‘voice’ originates from a passion for solving a specific need in the climate crisis. They work with highly-innovative and technical solutions that tackle some of the deepest challenges that we’re facing today.

And this is the case with Plan A , a software provider offering an end-to-end platform that uses machine learning and science to enable businesses to manage and improve their carbon and ESG performance.

Lubomila Jordanova is the co-founder and CEO of Plan A — and it’s her voice that drives the visionary momentum in her company for the greater climate movement.

I had the pressure of sitting down with Lubomila during a B2B Content Corner episode about LinkedIn and discussing how to successfully communicate your climate message on the platform.

She shares interesting insights and stories of how she has used LinkedIn to vocalize her climate message - and how her personal brand on LinkedIn has driven growth and sales for Plan A.

Sustainability leaders have an incredible voice - that needs to be heard. And LinkedIn is the social media platform that is your stage.

Connect with Lubomila on LinkedIn , Twitter @lubomilaj, or Instagram @lubomila.earth.


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