How A B2B Content Agency Can Help Drive Growth For CleanTech Companies

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We’ve learned about the importance of content marketing in B2B, but what are the best tactics for a specific industry like clean technology? In this article, we’ll discuss what the best content marketing tactics are for the clean technology industry and why.

We’ll also define what B2B content marketing is in relation to this industry, and why companies need a cleantech content marketing agency to be successful.

A cleantech content agency can help clean technology companies reach their growth goals. By using content marketing, an agency can help you generate inbound traffic and leads that are well-defined to your target audience.

Content will help you build authority and authenticity with your audience. Because environmental brands are usually mission-driven, creating content can help you tell your business’ story and well-written content can help excite customers to join your mission of supporting the environment.

What is B2B content marketing?

B2B content marketing is a set of marketing tactics and strategies leveraging content to attract a specific audience, meet their demands, and generate leads.

A B2B content marketing strategy includes several tactics that spread through different marketing channels like media, social marketing, content blog, email marketing, and more. We write about the specifics of B2B content tactics in our strategy article.

In the clean technology industry, hiring a clean tech content agency might be just what you need to write content specifically for your target audience, help increase your visibility on the web, and establish a proven framework for your business goals.

By working with an agency with specialized expertise in your industry, you can be assured that the strategy, tactics, and content are tailored to your market. To learn specific content tactics for cleantech, check out our article on why content marketing matters in this sector.

Why do clean technology companies need content marketing?

Clean technology companies need content marketing for the same reasons many other B2B businesses need it: To drive leads, build brand awareness, drive organic traffic towards their website, and build backlinks.

To start your B2B content marketing strategy, ask yourself: What are your goals?

It’s important to first define your goals then indicate the best contact tactics to help you achieve those goals. Read the list below to learn the benefits of content marketing for clean technology companies:

  • Build trust and authority with your target audience.
  • Attract a well-defined audience from search engine traffic.
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty towards your ‘good for the planet’ mission.
  • Establish credibility and industry knowledge or thought-leadership.
  • Educate customers on emerging cleantech technologies or how your product can work for their use case.

What are the best content marketing tactics for the clean technology industry?

Now we’re getting into the specifics of how a clean tech content marketing agency can help a business in your industry. CleanTech companies many times have a specific niche audience. So, you’ll need a B2B content marketing agency that knows the cleantech industry and also how to market in niche sectors to form a strategy that works and to write content that delivers results.

Here is a breakdown of content marketing tactics for the cleantech industry.

Remember to include a wide-range of authority content for your marketing channels. Popular content for cleantech includes social media posts, videos, webinars, podcasts, and blog articles.

Diversifying your content types and content topics casts a larger, more sturdy net to ‘catch’ different kinds of people at different buying levels from within your target audience. 

1. Create webinars to attract and educate your audience. Webinars are a great way to educate an audience. They also act as an attractive content centerpiece for both new and returning customers. A study by Optimiser found that “video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year” and that videos increased brand awareness by 54%. When you create a webinar you’re showing and telling what you already know about your industry in a highly consumable and measurable way. 

2. Build backlinks and write articles for industry publications. Backlinks are good for SEO, and they enable you to have higher search rankings on SERP. They build your credibility with Google determining how quickly people can find your website through search. The more backlinks you have on a website, the higher the linked content will rank on search engines. Make it a goal to be active in your link-building efforts! Though this might be only one small part of the marketing equation it’s very important.

3. Collaborate with other cleantech companies. Another way to reach new audiences is by collaborating. Collaborate with other technology companies on white papers, webinars, educational videos, or run a partnership campaign. Collaborations with others in your industry helps you grow your audience. 

4. Try LinkedIn and Twitter marketing. Over the years, LinkedIn and Twitter have become powerhouses in sharing B2B content and building audiences. Especially on LinkedIn, industry-specific communities congregate to share content, connect, and talk. Both LinkedIn and Twitter have a slightly different audience, but when used in combination, can form a great backbone for your B2B social media strategy. Read our article on which social media channels are best for B2B.

5. Use email marketing to educate and nurture your audience. Automated emails have made it easier than ever before to nurture your audience. A study by and Spotler found that “64% of e-marketeers say that email marketeering and marketing automation contributes to more sales”. This statistic also shows improvement in other important areas like customer experience (45.9%), targeting of messages (68.5%), quality of leads (37.7%), and more.

With the right touch of personalization and proper cadence of email releases, email marketing can become an important facet of your lead generation strategy. 

6. Create content assets like white papers, ebooks, or use case flyers. Like webinars and blog posts, these content assets exist to educate and nurture your audience. Case flyers and case studies give your audience concrete evidence of how your product or service can benefit them. Making case studies more of a visual experience using graphics or videos is a great way to grab viewers’ attention and make a greater impact.

Ebooks are an educational piece that can be turned into a PDF for lead generation purposes. White papers, ebooks, and case flyers show that your business cares about the education of its audience and wants them to be informed about what you know. Read more about popular content assets and how they can fill the top of the marketing funnel.

7. Host a podcast. Podcasting is an audio content format that allows you to capture the whole attention of your listener. It’s a great way to show thought-leadership and your specific expertise in the clean technology industry. Like webinars and other content assets, this form of content shows your expertise and knowledge.

Why do you need a clean technology content writer?

A cleantech content writer brings not only their skills in writing but also their direct experience in the clean tech industry.

While they might not be thought-leaders, they’re definitely knowledgeable in many of the ins and outs of cleantech. They also have experience in spinning an attractive and effective piece of writing.

The B2B industry calls for a higher caliber of writing that often combines both the knowledge and the efforts of subject matter experts and expert content writers.

Below are specific reasons why hiring a clean tech content writer is a must for this industry.

  • This industry is fast-moving and constantly innovating. A cleantech content writer will know what trends are being set and new information is out there, and represent this in their writing. They have one ‘ear to the ground’, so to speak, in the cleantech industry and move in sync with its trends.
  • An everyday B2B content writer doesn’t know the demands or lingo of the industry. Knowing the verbiage of an industry is a huge draw and connector to the clean tech industry’s audience. A content writer knowledgeable in what terms to use in which places also makes their writing more cohesive and complete. Remember, a B2B audience can tell when a writer doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the industry they’re writing about!
  • Improving content credibility with a cleantech content writer. A cleantech content agency staffed with creditable B2B clean technology writers will help your content rank on Google and build more credibility with your customers. Because they understand what they’re writing about, cleantech content writers can point out new perspectives on topics and ask meaningful questions. All of this attracts customers within your industry and has a higher potential to rank on Google. Hint: The expertise in the writer’s bio also helps with search rankings!

Remember, settling for less than the above points (or doing without) can tarnish your brand’s reputation. Working with a freelancer or agency that isn’t knowledgeable about this industry or doesn’t practice what they preach can reflect poorly on your credibility and leads. From miswriting on industry trends or technical phrases, having content on your blog or social media sends a message to your audience that you may not be professional or knowledgeable enough.

A knowledgeable cleantech content writer can produce content that meets your goals faster and with greater quality! A more efficient and effective writer is a great asset to your team. Less time will be spent researching basic information, lending more time to writing quality and audience-attracting information.

Hire a content agency for your CleanTech company

Now you know what the best content marketing tactics are and why you should hire a cleantech content agency. This article covered the basic tools and knowledge for crafting a B2B content strategy for your industry. Hiring a cleantech content marketing agency is a great way to get ahead and grow faster.

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