Climate Change Journalism: Communicating The Complex (Episode 18)

In episode 18 of the B2B Content Corner Podcast, Megan sits down with Melina Costa, a climate change business journalist.

In episode 18 of the B2B Content Corner Podcast, Megan sits down with Melina Costa , a climate change business journalist who is forever searching for stories of startups (in all sectors) that are paving the way towards a low carbon economy. In this episode, you will learn important takeaways on climate crisis communication and how you can leverage the social media platform, LinkedIn, to get your CleanTech brand known in the market.

Communicating about climate change is very different to communicating other topics. The urgency of tackling one of the greatest challenges that humanity is facing in the last century is not to be taken lightly.

'On the one hand, you have catastrophism, and I do understand where it comes from', Melina tells us. 'At the same time, people are bombarded with information: we're not doing enough, there's actually nothing we can do, the problem is too big, and we should all feel really guilty... I don't think that's productive. And if there's nothing you can do anyway, if the problem is so huge that you as an individual can do nothing to help, then you just unplug'.

Communicating on the progress, the story, the good outcomes – the positives; that seems to work. There's a lot of action around climate tech companies (especially in Berlin) and even if tech alone is not enough to combat climate change, at least they are positively impacting how we communicate these issues.

And in that sense, social media can make such a huge difference. 'In Europe, every CEO is on LinkedIn', says Melina. And people want their stories, their struggles, how and why they're building their business, the ups and downs. But how should we approach these founders, journalists, and other content creators?

Listen to the episode to find out more.

Melina Costa is a business journalist, always searching for stories of startups (in all sectors) that are paving the way to a low carbon economy. Her podcast, Green Means Business , creates several experiments in order to understand where the need for information actually lies before investing major resources in any kind of production. Her show Making the New was a B2B marketing tool that worked very successfully for her i nnovation agency .

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