What Are The Best Practices For B2B Marketing To Promote Content?

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As content marketers, we put a lot of effort into brainstorming and creating the very best content for our target audience. But more often than not, we forget one of the most important pieces to the B2B marketing content creation process. Distribution.

Content creation is nothing without distribution. And if you’re not taking the time to create a distribution strategy to perform after your B2B content marketing strategy, then what’s the point. What’s the point if no one ever reads your content? Because surely, if no one knows that you posted the content, how will people read it?

A content distribution strategy is important for all companies at all levels of the content creation process—from early startup to seasoned content creator.

But for companies that have been producing content for years, they already have the organic upper hand. And they can see which content gains traction to promote it with a budget. And they already have a list of dedicated followers to distribute to and promote their content.

Let’s say you don’t have a sturdy email list. Or a large following on a social media platform. Where should you focus your attention? What are the best practices for B2B marketing to promote content?

Your B2B content marketing promotion strategy

I’m a believer in strategy simplicity and consistency. And refining your outreach strategy to just a few basic blocks that work and bring you leads or build brand awareness.

How to promote B2B content

I have found that LinkedIn, content syndication, and email are a few of the best methods to promote B2B content.

LinkedIn is the social media platform for B2B audiences. And it still has relatively untapped potential. Audiences have grown organically and exponentially on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn for MTC is a major traffic driver to our landing pages, content downloads, and blog posts. Remember to publish your blog content on LinkedIn at least six times throughout 60-days. And try these few points for maximum impact;

  • Reword the long-form content into shorter-form content posts (https://www.mtcthecontentagency.com/repurpose-content/) that build upon the topic,
  • Turn some of the posts into video snippets,
  • Repost highlights or pieces of the original post on LinkedIn Pulse,
  • Private message the new post to all the contacts in your business niche, and
  • Ask employees and the c-suite to repost the content in their feeds.

Next, with your content, you always want to hit the low-hanging fruits of B2B content promotion. And the easiest method is with organic and free content syndication or reposting content onto websites that broadcast your content to a larger audience to be found. These websites include;

  • LinkedIn Pulse,
  • Medium Blog,
  • Mix.com,
  • Quora.com,
  • Question websites related to your niche (i.e. Reddit),
  • Business2Community ,
  • Flipboard.com.

These websites are just a few. An expert note, always review the editorial guidelines of these websites to absolutely make sure that you can publish content freely and that it doesn’t have to be original content.

The last method is email. Email will always be your number one organic content broadcaster. When social media and third-party websites change their strategy (or go away altogether), email is something that can respectively remain yours to control. Constantly aim to grow your email list through content asset downloads and creative ideas. Nurture the list with your blog content as it gets published—and as your email list grows segment that list into audience journey levels and specific challenges to practice sending them the right content at the right time.

Best practices for B2B marketing to promote content

Best practices are always changing, so make sure to follow B2B content marketing thought leaders to always know the latest trends and strategies that work. Content promotion is the forgotten step-sister of the B2B content marketing strategy. Remember her and develop a simple approach strategy to promote your B2B content through LinkedIn, content syndication, and email.


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