We build online organic content marketing strategy for b2b startups. We work together to create an SEO and human-centered content marketing strategy approach.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is the means of educating the customer about your products and services through relevant and helpful information.

What can a content marketing strategy provide?

A strong beginning to a converting sales funnel

Means of capturing and nurturing potential leads

Optimized and purposeful web content that drives sales

Builds awareness, creditability and trust with customer

Content Marketing Strategy Philosophy


Our content strategy is built human-centric with the target audience in mind. Every content marketing strategy comes equipped with a buyer persona, customer journey and content mapping.


Our content structure is rooted to searcher intent and SEO-optimized. Every content piece has a purpose and a reason for existing because it was well-researched beforehand for search volume.


Our content structure and plan is built smartly, meaning content is targeted, built as structured topics and amplified for maximized reach.

What is SEO content?

SEO content is digital content made for the purpose to rank on Google (and other search engines). It is fundamentally rooted in the way content is written, structured, and keyword approached.

What is human-centered content?

Human-centered content strategy and creation is understanding the fundamental needs and desires of the target audience in order to help them achieve their goals. It is the process of creating custom blog posts just for them so that they receive a personalized experience.
SEO Content Types:
  •     Term Glossaries
  •     FAQ pages
  •     Ultimate Guides
  •     Linking Lists
  •     Blog posts
  •     Thought-Leadership articles

SEO content is great for business goals like:

  •     increasing search engine traffic
  •     filling the top of the funnel
  •     growing an organic online following
Human-centered content is great for business goals like:
  • qualifying customer prospects
  • defining the startup niche
  • building an audience

Content Marketing Strategy Process

The strategy process is crafted based on your target audience, customer journey and target persona. Work with a content strategy expert that is dedicated to your success. By the end of the coaching, you will have:

  • An understanding of your target persona and customer journey
  • An understanding of what is content strategy, marketing nurturing, SEO, a pillar page, and the importance of a download attachment
  • A working content framework to continue building your content presence after project completion
  • A private content strategist for one-on-one instruction