Is content marketing the right lead generation strategy for you?

Content marketing has the possibility to bring skyrocketing results for your business. Our quiz will take you less than a minute—and provide you with valuable insight on a possible strategy for your business. You’ll be prompted with ten “true” or “false” questions about your current marketing and sales practices. Get started.

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Many customers don’t know that we exist.
We have to engage customers over a long period of time.
We spend hours talking to customers on the phone and email.
We often have to bring customers up to speed on our solution and its application.
We talk to customers regularly that aren’t ready to buy, and it sometimes takes three to eight months to move them forward.
We have a difficult time getting customers to trust us. We lack brand awareness.
Many of our customers read a competitor’s content before coming to us.
Our team has a rigorous lead generation quota to meet within the next three months.
We’re looking for a long-term lead generation solution to build trust, authenticity, and to retain customers longer.
We’ve found a few customers—and our product was a great fit for their challenge.

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Content marketing benefits lead-generation goals of B2B technology companies.

  • Content is cost-effective.
  • Content supports long-term business goals.
  • Content is a marketing strategy with a strong return on investment for small business.
  • Content marketing attracts high-volume traffic to your website, builds authentic relationships with potential clients, and nurtures prospects towards a sale.

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