Content Marketing Process

Learn how we work with and ensure client success.

Before we partner…we connect in a one-on-one consulting discovery call to understand the overall expectations and goals for the project. It’s important to us to be clear with expectations and goals in order to deliver the very best results to your business.

Are you ready to start your content marketing project? Let’s connect in a discovery call.

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First Month

Formalize a three-month contract, which at three-months, we will do a performance review. We encourage our clients to commit to at least a three-month contract to give content marketing a chance to deliver. The contract highlights content deliverables, content deadlines and invoice payment due dates.

We work together during an Intelligence Gathering meeting to solidify the buyer persona and customer journey. At this stage, we seek to understand all the bits and pieces of who your ideal audience member is. If applicable, we will even provide a survey template to submit to your current clients to gather as much intel as possible.

After our Intelligence Gathering meeting, as a team we create the content marketing strategy in an excel document. The document provides multiple tabs suited to the length and duration of the project. The first tab will display the overall project goals and anticipated content deliverables within the three months.

Monthly (First to Third)

We hold weekly check-in meetings via email to stay updated on current content progress and deliverables. Our clients have full access to the project excel document, our project management tool, to watch every item as it progresses throughout the month.

At the end of each month, the client receives a monthly content marketing report highlighting the content delivered, content progression and meeting of project goals. The report is reviewed in a monthly meeting, here the client can voice concerns and offer suggestions to content-specific campaigns. New projects can be added (if they’re outside of the retainer contract) for an additional fee.

After three-months, we touch base with CEO and Founder, Megan Thudium, to discuss content marketing wins, concerns, opportunities to improve and review client satisfaction. It’s important to us to maintain a strong partnership with every client. At this time, we can agree on a new longer-term contract to continue our relationship.

Are you ready to start your content marketing project? Let’s connect in a discovery call.

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