With today’s wealth of information on the internet, customers are more clever and informed than ever. They’re making better and more intelligent buying decisions and look to companies to provide a personalized and informative buying journey that meets their needs.

A technology SaaS company understood the importance of creating a marketing nurturing content strategy. Prior to creation, the company was heavily invested in paid advertising and pushing potential prospects towards a landing page for quote request. Given the nature of a B2B nurturing process, it was a flawed approach because after thorough investigation into the customer journey it became obvious that most prospects entering the company’s marketing funnels where in the learning (or awareness) phase. With no content nurturing strategy, prospects being fed to sales were of little use or not ready to purchase.

Company: Technology Startup
Task: Building a content marketing nurturing strategy from scratch

Product: IoT platform
Target audience: Enterprises

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As content marketing experts, we were tasked to map the customer journey, define persona and touch points, content ideas, create an email nurturing strategy, and define content pillar pages. As the strategy was created from scratch, the central challenge was coordinating multiple moving parts with several internal and external stakeholders to identify a viable content strategy approach.


Within three months, the technology company had a fully customized B2B marketing content nurturing strategy. Now, the company can fully cater to customer’s needs nurturing them through the buying process by means of a customer-centered approach.