An Australian-based solar company,, sought content marketing as a means to nurture current solar panel system prospects and develop organic lead generation.

the challenge

MTC was tasked to create a content marketing strategy for to capture prospects organically and nurture current prospects with relevant content. In the solar industry, sales cycles are rather long over multiple months allowing for content marketing to do its work in building education, authenticity, and knowledge with business prospects. had the unique challenge of explaining it’s unique business model and offerings clearly to audiences.

The small business had no prior content established. The task was to implement a content marketing strategy from scratch to meet their business goals. After a thorough strategy meeting and investigation, it was determined that the content marketing strategy would align with the following business goal.

  • Establish inbound marketing via blog content to drive organic traffic from Google and increase website visibility
  • Build brand authority and explain the business model clearly to prospects

the process implemented the content marketing strategy starting in Fall 2019, and they had a steady content calendar after a month of partnership. Main priorities were website copywriting, positioning, and blog editorial.

our work

Company: Solar Company
Task: Inbound organic traffic

Product: Solar system installation and financing

Website copywriting
Blog Content