MTC | The Content Agency is a boutique content marketing agency serving B2B companies globally. We’re accelerating digital growth — one company at a time.

B2B buyers on average read three to four pieces of content before they make a buying decision. In a complex and multi-facet industry, B2B businesses navigate multiple decision-makers, long-buying cycles, and complex selling. Content marketing supports B2B business goals. We help B2B companies interact with their ideal customer through human-centered content marketing strategy and creation, a progressive approach to content creation, all while increasing revenues.

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Content Marketing Strategy

We have a track record in building a lead generation content marketing strategy for business to business. B2B is complex with multiple decision-makers and long buying cycles. We craft a content marketing strategy, customer journey, buyer persona, and content calendar specific to your industry and audience that attracts, converts, and closes the deal. Review our approach and philosophy behind a content marketing strategy.

Content + Copywriting

We believe in providing the key principles of copywriting like identifying and speaking to the ideal audience, engaging the reader with a unique copy, providing them with the right information at the right time for conversion. As Native-English speakers, we’re in tune with the wordage and nuances of English writing. We’re your local, Berlin English content experts on board to create content for you.


Thought-leadership is more about telling your story than selling your product. A well-conveyed content leadership strategy aids your brand by raising awareness, telling the world about your business, and elevating your importance through third-party endorsements. We work with big to small media publications that are spot-on with your b2b market, and we achieve excellence by pitching the right story, to the right people at the right time.

LinkedIn Strategy

If you’re in B2B — you need to be on the social media platform, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a growing community of business professionals. Our clients that develop a consistent and educational content marketing strategy see more engagement, more awareness-building — and ultimately more sales conversions.

We offer both content marketing packages, monthly retainers and customized projects. Contact us — we want to hear your specific needs.

Are you ready to start your content marketing project? Let’s connect in a discovery call.

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