B2B Content Marketing For Software Technology

Software professionals are tired of the cold outbound approach. And more than ever before they prefer to research and make educated decisions on their own. CISOs prefer to reach out to vendors and B2B professionals read anywhere between two to three pieces of content before engaging with a company. The B2B software technology space is tough. Pop in front of your audience before your competitors does by generating awareness and leads through inbound marketing. We support SaaS software technology platforms and software providers in the categories of endpoint protection, security, IT solutions, and more. We’ve also worked with PaaS software technology platforms in data integration services.


Content Marketing Strategy Consulting

We have a track record building lead generation content marketing strategies for SaaS based software technology companies. As a team, we work together to craft a strategy, customer journey, buyer persona, and content calendar specific to your audience’s challenges. Gain brand awareness and more subscription sign ups with content. Our strategy team is available for team workshop consulting and new strategy creation.


MTC | The Content Agency - B2B Content Agency
MTC | The Content Agency - B2B Content Agency

B2B Content + Copywriting

Simple and clean messaging that converts. B2B professionals are searching for value-driven copy that captures their attention with no fluff. Our experienced writers have written in B2B software for over 15 years, and we know how to craft copy that speaks to your ideal audience. We can help you with;

  • Blog post content,
  • White paper and eBook copy,
  • Website copywriting,
  • Email copy,
  • Landing page copy, and more.

Thought-leadership / PR Consulting

Build a stronger brand presence, authenticity, and stand out in your market. Thought-leadership and PR content helps you develop an authentic presence in your industry, attract prospects to your website, and build authority with your customers. Our strategy team is available for strategy workshop consulting and content creation services. We can help you with;

  • Strategy consulting,
  • Weekly HARO pitching,
  • B2B technology publication pitching,
  • Software review placement, and
  • Content creation.


MTC | The Content Agency - B2B Content Agency

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