A documented content strategy is your guidebook. It provides the content framework, the content tactics, and needed direction to fulfill the goals and expectations of your content marketing. Without a strategy, are you walking in the right direction? In episode 10 of the B2B Content Corner podcast, we cover B2B content strategy foundational and framework tips. And as we’re starting a new year, we also cover four important points for you to consider at the beginning of every new year or quarter. By constantly evolving your B2B content strategy, you can ensure that it remains relevant both towards your audience and your content goals.

4 tips to improve your B2B content strategy

Here are four tips to consider when reviewing and revising your content strategy for 2021.

Choose content tactics bring you the highest gain

We’ve all heard of Clubhouse. This tip is a reminder to stay away from shinny objects and to focus on what works in B2B content marketing. What is working? Email marketing, authority content, LinkedIn marketing, SEO content to name a few. Lastly, remember to diversify your content tactics and don’t place all your eggs in one basket.

People say a lot of ‘things’: What works for you?

When you’re told to try a new tactic in 2021, ask yourself: Will this help me reach my goals? Is this the right tactic for my business? Choosing the best tactics and assets will come from audience understanding and research. These fundamentals never change. Also, it’s important to remain relevant and helpful to your audience during content creation. Create content that is human-centered and speaks to your company voice. The tip here is notice what works for you and to improve on the content tactics that are already working for your business.

Talk to your audience & know where they’re trending towards

Your audience are the experts on themselves. They know their pains or challenges. And they know what social media platforms that they like to engage on. They also know what type of content they like to receive. Don’t forget to ask them!

Be at the center of the noise

Last tip, be where the action is. Your business leaders are shifting goals in the new year. Have you considered those priorities in your content marketing? It’s a new year, which means new sales goals. How can your content marketing support those goals? As a marketer, put yourself in the center of the noise and listen. Your content goals should align with business goals.

These four tips are covered in-depth during episode 10 of the B2B Content Corner podcast. Sit down with CEO and B2B content strategist, Megan Thudium, to talk about new year strategy goals. What is working in 2021. And how to stay ahead in your B2B content marketing.

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