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When the sun shines in Germany, you find us outside enjoying it. That’s my lame excuse for neglecting my blog, and never writing. The summer is coming to a close, and I’m mentally preparing for a time [really] soon that will involve cold weather and multiple layers of clothing. It’s been over ten years since I’ve experienced Fall, Winter and cold weather. I’m excited about the Fall. The changing leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes and sweater weather. I remember growing up in California and getting excited when the weather brought two days of 65 degrees and rain. The Californians ran to our closest and dusted off our sweaters in boots.

But more has been happening in life than weather preparation. I’m approaching my sixth month abroad, and I can finally say that I feel ‘settled.’ I have my favourite coffee shops, Sunday parks and a simple [but crazy] routine. Life feels good, organised and complete. It’s finally starting to feel like my own creation, and something that I put together and created.

This Fall, I’m full swing into writing my thesis. It’s been neglected, and the idea is to really graduate at a decent time. So, when the days are dark and cold, you’ll find me inside writing and researching life crazy, dreaming of warmer days.


Travel was full of adventures, so it makes since that I didn’t spend much time inside writing a paper. In May, I traveled to Riga, Latvia. It’s a superb little town, still in the EU. The buildings are beautiful, and it was relatively cheap. The beginning of July, I took a quick weekend to London. London is a beaut. Traveling solo is always great, but when you’re with good friends, my opinion better memories are made. End of July, the boyfriend and I took off for a week in Northern Poland. Poland is a untouched beauty, cheap with fantastic food and sights. The coast was great to road trip along, and I’m still drooling over my pictures of Gdansk. The beginning of August, I took myself to Lisbon, Portugal. I’m happy to report that all the fantastic tales and observations are true. Portugal is a fab place, and you need to make sure it’s on your travel list.


Fall is coming, then winter, but I’m more excited about Fall. The Fall will be full of plenty of pictures of the changing leaves, hot wine and short weekend trips. Next month, the boyfriend and I are headed to west Germany to enjoy family and small town time. What were your adventures this summer?