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Riga. We fell in love at first sight, because my weekend getaway trip to Riga, Latvia was perfect. It was a sunny weekend, complete with glasses of wine and memorable photos. It was everything that I was looking for in a small quick trip from Berlin Germany. A QUICK GUIDE TO RIGA LATVIA

Latvia sits on the Baltic sea bordering the beautiful countries of Lithuania and Estonia. These are other top destinations on my list that are a quick and easy plane ride from Berlin, Germany. Riga is the capital of Latvia, sitting on the beautiful Daugava River. The architecture is a unique blend of medieval and modern views. When you walk this city, you’ll quickly realize the beautiful architecture that it hosts.


I spent two days in Riga, which was the perfect length of time. Being a small city, you don’t need to spend a long amount of time in the city. However, it does offer various museum tours, beer tours, charming walks and great restaurants. You won’t be bored.

Here is your quick guide…

I flew to Riga, Latvia on the cheap airline RyanAir. For €40 and one hour flight, I was stepping off the plane in a new country. From the airport, the city is an easy 40 minute bus ride to the city center. It’s a cheap €1.20 bus ticket that can be purchased in the tourism office of the airport. Once you jump off the bus in the city center, you have complete access to the old town of Riga. In the morning, walk the cobblestone streets taking the views and snapping pictures of the beautiful pastel buildings. It takes you a quick 10 minute walk from one side of the city to the other, so take your time. On your walk, visit the buildings called “Three Brothers.” Here you can have a coffee at the most romantic cafe in Riga, listen to local musicians entertain the tourists and people watch. Nearby you will find several churches that you can take a quick walk around and enjoy a moment of silence.

For lunch, head to the old city walls where you will find several options for local and not so local food. Treat yourself, because I found a great dish of pasta to be €6 and a dish of chicken and potatoes for the same price. You must add the glass of wine or beer, because why not? It is cheap in Latvia. The Bastejkalns Park is the perfect place to relax in the sun and digest your food after lunch.


In the afternoon, escape to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia for a glimpse into the last several years of Latvia occupation. From Nazis to Soviets, the museum offers a very real and open interpretation of this time in Latvia history. In the summer, I suggest sitting in the city squares and enjoying a glass of something. I enjoyed watching the children play music on the street corner for money. They made a lot of money, and it was very cute. If you order sangria, please know that it will come in a litter. Riga Latvia is the perfect budget-friendly city that is easily accessible from Berlin, Germany. Have you traveled to Latvia before?