Leipzig Germany
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Spring is just around the corner, and I can feel it. Here in Germany, spring is planning a nasty, little trick on us. It’ll be warm and beautiful one week, and then the next, it will be cold and rainy. It feels like February, not April. You know the weather is crazy, when the Germans start to complain about it. ALTERNATIVE GUIDE TO LEIPZIG GERMANY

Despite the weather being bipolar, I have the travel bug. That should be no surprise, and I’ve been discovering Germany one beautiful city at a time. Recently, this adventurous bug took me to the beautiful city of Leipzig. Living in Berlin has provided me with the perfect central hub to multiple cities around northern and eastern europe. FlixBus is my goto transportation for affordable and comfortable travel around Germany. I’ve used them several, several times. You could say that I’m pretty much in love with them. From Berlin to Leipzig, it was a perfect two hour drive for as little as €10 one-way. They dropped me off close to the central station and within minutes I was walking around the historic old town of Leipzig.

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It was a blast planning a short mini-trip to Leipzig. On this trip, it was my goal to visit alternative places that weren’t very touristy, and they truly reflected the heart and soul of Leipzig. It was a hefty goal for one day, but I believe it turned out pretty well. This is your one day itinerary to Leipzig.

Morning in Leipzig

Spend your morning walking the old town of Leipzig. It is here where you’ll find beautiful old buildings, with a unique mixture of the old and new. Leipzig’s streets and buildings reflect a diverse past. After you have your morning coffee, walk to MarketPlatz and take in the view. This vibrant and open space hosts colorful buildings with unique architecture. If you fancy a meal, this is a convenient place to find something quick or slow. It’s your choice.

From MarketPlatz, it’s worth a short walk through Mädler-Passage. This is a bright, glass domed passage that is the entrance to a variety of shops and restaurants. The view is simply unique, and it’s a fun place for a quick walk through. Next stop is the Thomaskirche, which is the resident church of J. S. Bach and his famed boy choir.

You won’t find him today, but if you’re lucky, you might hear the church organist practicing in the middle of the day. Escape the chilly air and sit in this beautiful gothic church, taking in the views. If you fancy Bach, the Bach-Museum Leipzig is a great introduction to this famed composer. Avoid Mondays, because usually Germany museums are closed. Taking the alternate route, the next stop takes you into the afternoon.

Afternoon in Leipzig

When I visit a city, I try to catch a glimpse of ordinary and everyday life. In Leipzig, it was my goal to find this while walking along Gottschedstraße. Here the streets were quieter, and locals ran from place to place. The buildings were beautiful white and pastel. Every few buildings had a unique gold decorative outdoor furnishing. Perfect for a photography snap. This short walk brings you to a fancy little cafe for coffee. It is called Café Fleischerei.

This cafe is situated in an old meat store, which is kind of unique in itself. Because of this, the ceiling has beautiful colors and unique designs. The hot chocolate was pretty good, and it was a nice rest place. Can I say free wifi? This is where you’ll update your Instagram and snapchat. Still looking for quiet and beautiful streets, the afternoon walk led me to Hinrichsenstraße.

If you could add an ice cream shop to the list, this would be a perfect afternoon.

This was your short and alternative guide to Leipzig, Germany. It’s the perfect one day destination with FlixBus from Berlin. If you’ve been to Leipzig, share your favorite destinations in the comments.