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In between the Sunday morning people running and the relaxed culture, you start to form a story about East London life. Until recently [I believe], East London wasn’t the place to be. Whatever the reason was, as you walk the water canal and streets now, you feel a new, vibrant community emerging from the shadows. People of all ages are wandering, and an old, rustic historical atmosphere is painted. The streets are fairly quiet, and most of the buildings have a home feel. The tube connects you to all other parts of London, so you never feel unconnected from the city life. EXPLORING EAST LONDON ON A SUNDAY MORNING

On that bright, sunny Sunday morning, I decided to venture out to discover the famed East London coffee houses and markets. I stayed in an Airbnb near the Mile End tube stop, which after walking, it seemed to be on the far east side of where I wanted to mainly explore. However, the walk on that Sunday morning took me by a canal [what, canals in London?]. I never imaged finding a canal. I suppose it makes since, but it proved to be a wonderful surprise and stroll in the morning light. From here, I continued north.

During my short time in East London, I discovered two coffee houses that were small, adorable and perfect to my liking. The first was run by a pair of ladies with a cute humor and delicious cakes. The shop was located near the Mile End tube stop, which provided a great view out of a window to people watch. This little place was called The Coffee Room. I was the only one that morning having my coffee as NOT take away. The second coffee house was discovered after an hour running in circles, my phone dying and looking for a different coffee house. I was actually suppose to meet a friend, which made the whole situation a bit embarrassing. Besides, the event encouraged me to walk into a tiny, tiny coffee house with two great baristas. They even let me charge my phone with their own charger, which I considered a huge plus. I was no longer lost, and I had a map! This lovely place was called Holy Shot Coffee, and their chocolate croissant with a cappuccino hit the hunger spot.

After I was fueled on cappuccinos and chocolate croissants, I decided to search for the Columbia Road Flower market. In no time, I found it, because the steady stream of people seemed to only go in one direction. The people carry flowers around was a dead giveaway. It was a little suffocating with the amount of people walking around the market, but it was well worth a visit, even once. It was a small market, but a fantastic place to take in the colorful views. The tulips were particularly beautiful, and I had to do everything to stop myself from buying a bundle. I don’t think that would’ve lasted on the plane to Berlin. Spring is coming with great opportunities for fresh flowers. The next market I ran into was by chance. It was called Broadway Market. I literally stumbled upon it, but it was a fantastic find. The vintage apparel was in abundance, and I had to do everything to pull myself away from the vintage cameras. I would have my entire room in Berlin lined with those beautiful cameras. The market also offered superb street food, and fansinating street art around every corner. The area has music bouncing off the walls, and people were dancing in the streets. This photographer was snapping away at the colorful graffiti. Should I even call it graffiti? It was artwork.

That was a short, sweet guide to a lovely Sunday morning in East London. If you find yourself up early, you can explore more street markets and coffee houses, but what I saw, was the perfect combination of adventure and a relaxed morning. On your Sunday tour, explore:

If you’ve been to East London, please leave your favorite places to eat and great coffee houses in the comments. I’ll visit again soon, and I want to take your suggestions to heart.

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