As the founder of your startup, you’ve developed an idea that will revolutionize the industry that you’re in. Your mind is focused on the bits and pieces to developing an award-winning product that your customers love, creates profit, and impresses investors. The product is important, but how will you take it to market without a marketing strategy?

Start with a Content Audit

MTC | The Content Agency is a full-service content marketing agency providing startups with the most important marketing pieces to launch their business. As we believe customer-focused content is the most important approach to modern day content marketing, we emphasize that strategy, buyer persona and customer journey are the first steps that a startup should take to building out their marketing approach.

We provide a full circle service offering starting with strategy coaching & creation rooted in customer understanding, then we move onto creating lead-generating content pieces to begin the marketing nurturing process. Within 6-months, a startup can expect to have a deep understanding of their customer journey & buyer persona, a content strategy & plan, fundamental written content pieces, and a marketing nurturing engine established.

  • Step-by-step. A process with an experienced content team & strategist with expertise in startup ecosystems.
  • Dedicated project leader. An individual dedicated to your project, its success and as the lead project communicator
  • Pick & choose. Customize our time together by selecting specific action items for the strategy creation process.
  • Simple pricing. Pay a monthly retainer with a no long term commitment. Give a 1-month cancellation notice.

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