Gain clarity with your digital content creation through personal coaching – and amplify your website traffic numbers and conversions.

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As a solopreneur, you’re in a constant state of transformation and growth. You look for new clients constantly, you nurture existing clients, you build your reputation and trust in a community, and above all – you try to be found online for the badass solopreneur you are.

Digital content is the heart and central conversation of an online business. Engaging and nurturing copy exists on your individual website pages, landing conversion pages, product and service pages, and blog content posts. All of these content centers are a platform to speak your story, engage with the audience and build a community for your website.

If you’re a creative service-based solopreneur, welcome to the correct corner of the internet. Who do I help?
  • Copywriters & Content Writers
  • Business and Leadership Coaches
  • Marketing & Social Media Coaches
  • E-course Creators
  • You?
  • Learn how to befriend your ideal audience
  • Understand best practices for SEO website content
  • Learn key topics to target and which content pieces are mandatory to publish
  • Learn how to optimize and expedite online content for efficiency, quality, and scale

I help YOU strategically plan digital content.

I’m Megan – your content coach! I work with talented solopreneurs to create purposeful content that attracts the ideal audience, nurtures them with the correct information, and converts them at the right time for your product or service.

Your solopreneur story is unique – so it is important to craft a unique content strategy and plan for you! I work with freelance content writers, business consultants, public speakers, online course creators, and ed-tech thought leaders to engage a content strategy and plan that is unique to their voice and business goals.

How will our coaching sessions play out?

How to Befriend Your Ideal Audience

… gain clarity on who your online content is for, what language they speak, and key questions they ask.

What is your Ideal Audience’s Personal Journey?

… gain clarity on the specific journey website visitors take from casual blog reader to buying customer.

What types of content and channels do they resonate with?

…not all content is created equal for every audience. Define your audience – and learn what content to create, what to focus on and what speaks specifically to them. We start with organic content – then expand.

How to Harness SEO in Topic Planning

…content is found online through user intent. To understand what your audience is searching for, you need to understand their main motivations – and also the way they search. We will define up to 10 keywords to supplement the content topics.

How to Create Content Clusters

The website visitor experience is important – for them and Google. Gain an understanding of how to structure blog content in order to rank on Google and create a better experience for readers. We discuss content clusters, how to create them, what they look like, and why they are important.

Content Critique and Performance

We will reconnect after a month of content creation and check the numbers. How did the content perform? Do you have clarity in your content structure? We review key analytics on Google – with a few tips thrown in on the best metrics to track!

Complete Content Coaching Package

Website content strategy for solopreneurs is one-on-one training sessions with a limited yearly intake. Work with Megan – your website content strategist – to craft a tangible and scalable content strategy for your small business.


One-Time Payment of $300 USD



Free PDF download after content course purchase.

Content course payments are taken after submission of a personalized invoice and payable by credit card. Email me – and we’ll get started!